Social Media Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say

"My husband and I were both patients at Shock Trauma in July 2008. If it wasn't for the skilled staff, we would not be here today. Thank you all for your dedication."

"After a severe motorcycle accident, my life was saved by the doctors and nurses at UMMC Shock Trauma! If it was not for them I wouldn't be able to share my amazing story! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"After injuring my right elbow in February 2009, I was quickly referred for surgery with Dr. Eglseder at Shock Trauma. Even before I got there, I knew I was in great hands - from the call I received that night from Dr. Eglseder to introduce himself, to the nurses during my stay, and everyone I encountered at each follow up appointment. My recovery has surpassed everyone's expectations, and I know it is because Dr. Eglseder and the team at Shock Trauma are truly the best!"

"I ran over myself with a large tractor last June (that's right I ran over myself) and was medevaced up to UMMC Shock Trauma Center. My family and I were treated wonderfully and I received fantastic care the entire five days I was there. My family and I are forever in the debt of Dr. Clifford Turen, his residents and interns, the nursing and medical staff on the sixth floor IMC unit and the nurses and staff on the fourth floor."

What the Families Say

"My son was a recent patient in Shock Trauma Center. He had a complete spinal cord injury with quadriplegia from a car accident in May. Although the experience was devastating, the staff not only gave us hope for recovery but truly bonded with our son. The fanfare when we left was awesome and not surprisingly, the staff continues to follow his progress!"

"Today is the sixth anniversary of our son's severe TBI and flight to UMMS. Thank you to the amazing people at Shock Trauma who saved his life and helped us to never lose faith or hope. Dr. Aarabi is the most humble and amazing doctor in the world. We love him and his team of doctors and nurses. We will forever remember them for what they gave us!"

"My name is Dawn, and my husband was involved in accident that involved being pulled on an inner tube by a 4-wheeler. He had a hematoma that was getting bigger and bigger and was causing a tremendous amount of pain. At 4 o'clock in the morning we arrive at Shock Trauma where Dr. Scalea and his staff greeted us. What an amazing and knowledgeable staff. Many thanks to everyone on the fourth floor for taking such good care of my husband."

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