Innovations and Breakthrough Treatments

  • Living Donor Liver Transplant Program
    Transplant surgeons at UMMC are one of the few transplant centers in the country performing living donor liver transplants on adults. Surgeons transplant a large portion of a liver from a healthy donor into the recipient. The donor liver regenerates a few weeks after surgery. Living donor liver transplants provide a solution for patients on the liver transplant wait list who might not otherwise receive a transplant due to the limited number of cadaver livers.
  • Total Artificial Heart to Heart Transplant
    The University of Maryland Medical Center was the first hospital in Maryland to keep a patient alive with a total artificial heart until he received a heart transplant at UMMC. This total artificial heart served as a bridge to transplant and bought time for Mr. Grant Feusner while he awaited a suitable organ donor. See patient video
  • Scarless, Single-Incision Kidney Removal
    UMMC is the third hospital to remove kidneys though a single incision. Patient calls this a "real breakthrough for kidney donors." 
  • New, Smaller Artificial Lung System UMMC doctors have adapted a small, portable artificial lung, using a newly approved catheter, so that a severely ill emphysema patient was able to walk, talk, eat and even exercise on a treadmill while awaiting a lung transplant.
  • Simultaneous Bilateral Nephrectomy Transplant
    UM Medical Center uses this innovative treatment to treat polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Read a patient success story.