Andrew C. Kramer, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology

Special Interests: Bladder Cancer, Pre-Transplant Polycystic Nephrectomy, Male Infertility and Vasectomy Reversal; Erectile Dysfunction; Penile Implantation
Medical Degree: University of Maryland
Appointments: 410-328-6087

Michael J. Naslund, MD, MBA
Professor of Surgery and Head, Division of Urology; Director, Maryland Prostate Center
Special Interests: Prostate Cancer Treated with Prostatectomy or Brachytherapy Using Radioactive Seed Implants; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or Enlarged Prostate Treated with Transurethral Needle Ablation (TUNA) or Medications; Prostate Disease; Cancer; Prostatic Cryotherapy, Photovaporization of the prostate
Medical Degree: Johns Hopkins University
Appointments: 410-328-0800

Michael Phelan, MD | UMMC UrologistMichael W. Phelan, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology;
Director, Urological Laparoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Special Interests: Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy; Laparoscopic Nephrectomy; Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy; Renal Cryosurgery; Kidney and Ureteral Calculi; Percutaneous Stone Surgery; Laparoscopic Prostatectomy
Medical Degree: Boston University
Appointments: 410-328-6425

Mohummad Minjaj Siddiqui, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology
Medical Degree: Harvard Medical School
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital
Fellowship: National Cancer Institute

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