Success Story

Eric was a 52-year-old man who had been coping with erectile dysfunction since 1997. After doing a lot of research about the penile implant procedure, Eric came to Dr. Andrew Kramer at the University of Maryland Medical Center to have the procedure performed. In October 2008, Dr. Kramer performed surgery to insert Eric's penile implant. Read his story below.

I started having trouble with erectile dysfunction in 1997 when I had a testosterone collapse. I went on supplemental testosterone which helped, but didn't really get me to where I wanted to be, so my doctor began prescribing penile injections. I took these injections for ten years, but after awhile they started to lose their efficacy. I felt that I was at the end of the road with erectile dysfunction, so I went ahead and made the decision to get a penile implant inserted in October 2008. It's turned out very well.

I did a lot of research before getting the implant, and I went to a number of doctors and hospitals. I came to the University of Maryland because they have a great deal of experience with penile implants. This is an important procedure, and it's important to go some place where they know what they're doing.

Having the device implanted was somewhat of a process. There was a decision making period, pre-operative counseling, the surgery itself and the recovery period. My partner was very involved with the decision to get the implant. Now, six months later, we are enjoying the pleasant period of using the implant with no awareness of its presence and no pain or other disadvantages.

One question that I had before the procedure was, "What is it going to look like?" For other men who may be considering this procedure, I would like to reassure them that it's going to look just fine. I always talk about how people in the locker room won't be able to tell, and that is true.

The recovery process following the procedure is somewhat painful. It's not that the pain is intense, but the pain is constant. To have pain in that area day after day and week after week gets to be somewhat annoying, but it does gradually taper off. After 12 weeks, I had no pain at all, and six months later I am still pain-free and able to enjoy sexual activity without any second thoughts.

To any man who is perhaps a little shy or reticent about discussing this topic or finds it embarrassing, I would say Dr. Kramer is very easy to talk to. He is very discrete and professional. He will make that part of the problem easy to deal with.

Overall, the implant has been a very positive thing in my life. Before my implant procedure in October, 2008 had not been a good year. I was not performing well sexually and I was not happy about that. Now, six months after the implant, sex is wonderful and I'm very glad that I made this decision.

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