The team consists of a 4th and 2nd or 3rd year resident. Residents round on the patients they themselves operated on, or redistribute as needed to keep it relatively even. Round and complete notes before OR. Each resident usually puts their own patients on the sign out.

Second or Third Year resident responsibilities:

  • First call to the ER and floor for consults.
  • Perform consultations with the supervision of an attending.
  • Participate in all assigned benign Gyn cases.
  • Teach students in gynecologic care and procedures.
  • Complete paperwork for discharge of assigned patients.
  • Dictate discharge summaries on service patients.
  • Weekend call at Mercy as second call for third years or Mercy or University as second call for second years

Fourth Year resident responsibilities:

  • Oversee care of all Gyn patients and consults.
  • Arrange for coverage of Gyn cases.
  • Prepare monthly Gyn statistics.
  • Dictate notes and discharge summaries on a timely basis.
  • Teach residents and students in gynecologic care and procedures.
  • All assigned medical records are to be completed by the end of the rotation.
  • Weekend call at University as chief