What is a certified nurse-midwife?

An ancient and respected profession, midwifery has provided advice and assistance in childbirth for centuries. This tradition of personal, family-centered care continues with today's certified nurse-midwife (CNM) whose education spans the disciplines of nursing and midwifery. All our nurse-midwives have a graduate degree and are certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. We're proud to offer the services of midwives who have extensive teaching experience, practical expertise in the delivery room and the skills to provide routine gynecological care to healthy women.


What is the quality of nurse-midwifery care?

Each year, nurse-midwives assist in more than 248,000 births in the United States and these numbers continue to rise -- a testament to the high degree of consumer satisfaction with this birthing choice.


What health care services do nurse-midwives provide?

The midwives at University of Maryland Women's Heath provide services for healthy women and their babies in the areas of:

  • Pre-conception care
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and birth management
  • Postpartum care

You don't have to be pregnant or even planning a pregnancy to benefit from midwifery care. Nurse-midwives also provide routine and preventive gynecological care for women from adolescence through menopause, including:

  • Routine annual exams (Pap smear, breast exam)
  • Family planning
  • Treatment of routine gynecological problems (including urinary tract infections and vaginal infections)
  • Counseling for adolescents in sexuality and contraception choices
  • Hormone replacement therapy


Is certified nurse-midwifery care for you?

Our midwives will speak with you personally to determine if their services match your needs. Call 410-328-6640 to schedule a visit.


Will my health insurance cover nurse-midwifery care?

CNMs are reimbursed by private insurers and HMOs in Maryland. Care by nurse-midwives is also covered under Medicaid, Medicare and CHAMPUS.

For additional information, contact our midwifery program at 410-328-6640. You can schedule an appointment either at our downtown Baltimore office, University of Maryland Professional Building, 419 W. Redwood Street, Suite 500, or at the UniversityCARE at Edmondson Village at 4538 Edmondson Avenue


What a CNM can do for you?

History and physical examination including Pap smears, breast and pelvic examination, breast self-exam education; referral for mammography and laboratory studies; and general wellness counseling.

Contraceptive counseling including prescription for oral contraceptive pills, IUDs, diaphragms, and cervical cap fittings; and discussion of health benefits, risks, and management of all birth control options, including Norplant and Depo Provera.

Screening and treatment of vaginal infection, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual irregularities, pelvic pain and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Pre-conception and maternity care including advice on how to achieve optimal health before and during pregnancy, how to minimize risks and screen for potential problems. Early prenatal care is important for your ongoing health and your developing baby.

Medication recommendations including prescription vitamins, birth control pills, antibiotics and other medication and health care products. CNMs can prescribe medications in Maryland and the other 49 states.

Perimenopausal and postmenopausal consultation including annual examinations with complete health history, assessment and physical examination and counseling on symptoms that may also develop during this transition time. Medication and alternatives for a healthy life transition can be discussed.


Why choose a certified nurse-midwife?

"Nurse-midwives spend more time with you, answering your questions and Addressing your concerns. You get to know them and they get to know you. If you are considering a nurse midwife, I highly recommend it."

Cybill Shepherd in "Today's Certified Nurse-Midwife" a video production of the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

CNMs offer safe health care services and high quality health care for women. They will take a complete family and personal medical history and give you a thorough and gentle examination. Health concerns, safe sex practices, including HIV/AIDS, can be discussed. Birth control counseling, prescriptions and follow-up examinations are available.

Your CNM may advise vitamins, calcium supplements or suggest diet, exercise or lifestyle changes. You will be encouraged to ask questions and be given plenty of time for answers. CNMs will teach you how to maintain good health habits and self-care practices for disease prevention.

Should you develop a condition that needs more complex investigation and observation, you can be referred to a gynecologist. CNMs provide a compassionate and a total approach to all aspects of women's health care. The Institute of Medicine, the U.S. government's top scientific organization, recommend "more reliance be placed on certified nurse-midwives" in delivering primary care.


For more information or to make an appointment, please call 667-214-1300 or toll-free at 866-608-4228.