Nickia Kelly

Nickia and Tina Larson, Stork's Nest Program Coordinator

Nickia Kelly is a mother of an 11-year-old son, with a daughter on the way. She knew that a lot had changed about child birth and prenatal care since her first delivery, and she was determined to educate herself for the health of her baby. When her insurance company provided her with a list of resources she was eligible for, she immediately registered for her first Stork’s Nest class.

Nickia attended all 9 Stork’s Nest classes at UMMC, which included topics such as “Eating for Two,” “Warning Signs,” “The Big Day,” and “Caring for Your Baby.” The biggest take away for Nickia was the “Breastfeeding” class. She says that when she had her son 11 years ago, the benefits of breastfeeding weren’t as well-known as they are now.

“Every mom wants to make sure her child thrives. And if this is going to be the best way for my child to thrive in her beginning months, I’m going to try because that’s my goal,” Nickia said.

Nickia is thankful for her experience with the Stork’s Nest program, which also included a baby shower where she won an electric breast pump.

As for advice for moms-to-be?

“Use your resources; there are plenty out there. Find a good support system because being pregnant is an emotional roller coaster. Embrace [your pregnancy] and you’ll be fine.”